The Team



Duncan was the brains behind Laggan Outdoor and started the business in 2007, when he returned home to Dumfries & Galloway following a career in TV7 Media in Yorkshire. Duncan now oversees the Activities, Cafe and new business development. Although the team thinks he does very little - he works INCREDIBLY HARD! Honestly! He was the test Dummy for the Human Slingshot and survived to tell the story!


Vicki gave up a career in teaching to join the team and now focuses on everything creative, Interiors, uniforms, HR new projects - everything really! Vicki sets a high benchmark for the rest of us; she always has numerous projects on the go - all of which she manages seamlessly, whether it's business strategy or painting a pirate ship.


Dream maker - General Manager
Lizzy runs Laggan Outdoor day to day and is the happy voice you'll hear at the end of the phone when you call to book. Having previously competed at Semi Pro level in Mountain Biking, Lizzy is the perfect adventure seeker to lead the team.


Activities Magician - Activities Manager
Jay is our highest qualified instructor, running all activities and now our overall activities manager. He's been with us since 2014 and quickly climbed the ladder. He loves his job, honestly he does!


Activities Manager
Rob is our new activities manager and the on-site silver fox. Rob quickly gained the nickname P-Rob - practical Rob, as there's nothing he can't fix. He's is a huge asset to the business and it's difficult to imagine Laggan before Rob was part of the team.


Marketing & Business Development Manager - Level Awesome (self appointed)
What was life like before Avive came on board? Avive does the marketing and business side of things, and helps run not only the activity side of the business, but the café and GG’s yard as well. She’s bursting with ideas but knows how to make them come to fruition – every business needs an Avive!


Reception & Office manager
How did we ever survive before Jen came on board! Jen runs our reception during holiday periods and boy is she efficient! Nothing gets over looked when Jen is in. Always friendly, never flustered, she is recognised from her 'HIYA'!


Day Manager
Tiree has been with us for a few years now and has spent time both on activities and in the office as Day Manager. There's a lot of sass in a very small package and you'll hear her before you see her. She's upbeat, friendly and a huge asset to the team.


Activities & Day Manager
Siobhan's had pretty much every job going at Laggan. She started with us in Summer 2016 as an Activities Instructor and has also spent time help cleaning our Sea View Snugs, as well as acting as a relief Day Manager in the office. Shiv's with us for weekends and holidays as she does her degree and is a big asset to the team.


Activities Instructor
Gordon joined us in 2016, having retired from the police force. He must have liked the job, as he's now a full time permanent member of the team. As well as being a great activities instructor, Gordon's a bit of a wine connoisseur and makes a cracking home brewed beer.


Level 1 Activities Producer
Hugh has been working for us during the Summer Holidays for a few years now. Always bringing a smile to the teams face with his quick jokes and impromptu singing. But don’t be fooled by his cheerful demeanour - he is as fast as he is efficient!


Level 2 Activities Producer
Douglas started with us in 2016 and has been an absolute pleasure to work with since. He's a doer, he's friendly, helpful and reliable and has quickly learned new activities and duties.