Grass Sledging

At last Grass sledging has arrived in Southern Scotland. There’s no more waiting for the chance of snow this winter. Laggan Outdoor now offer Grass Sledging for all ages big or small.

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Thanks to special tracks on the bottom of the sledges, these can travel just as fast as snow sledges and with steering & brakes you’ll be as safe as houses. Race against your friends or mum and dad.

We have 10 sledges available. You can just turn up and hire or call and book to avoid disappointment.


Minimum age of 5 yrs and a maximum weight of 90kg.


2 – 4 People 5 – 7 People 8 – 10 People 1 Person
Half Hour Sesson £5.00 per person £5.00 per person £5.00 per person £5.00 per person
One Hour Sesson £8.00 per person £8.00 per person £8.00 per person £8.00 per person